Yoga Review: Modo Yoga on La Brea

Yoga Studio Reviews

Modo Yoga (La Brea) has a cult following similar to Bryan Kest (except it’s more expensive and very different). This is a great yoga studio for busy people. They have a wide selection of classes and they have a lot of them throughout the day. Average duration is an hour, which is much shorter than most yoga studios in LA, and they start and end on time (v. punctual). Signing up online prior to class is highly recommended (and many times necessary) to reserve your spot. No latecomers are allowed and they release your spot 10 minutes before class starts (#annoying). I’m not a big fan of this system as it adds stress to an experience that should be calming. I understand the reason for such a system, but seriously Modo, take a chill pillll. You are a yoga studio, not the Gestapo.

Now, onto the class itself. This is a hot yoga studio. Thankfully, it’s clean, it doesn’t smell and they have showers. The classes are slightly below average in terms of difficulty. If this was regular yoga with no heat, I’d say: too easy, don’t waste your time. But the heat adds a level of difficulty which makes it acceptable. Though the curriculum is the same, some teachers are harder than others. My favorite teacher is Joe. Joe’s classes tend to be more vigorous – which, in my opinion, means you get more for your money. However, if you are looking for a spiritual experience, this is NOT your place. It’s a very Westernized approach to yoga. You do the poses, a quick 2 minute savasana (if that) and then you’re out. No spiritual wisdom is imparted, but you do sweat a lot and walk out of class feeling lighter and a bit high. Also, Russell Simmons was in my class, so it’s definitely on the map and beware, it’s trendy.

To recap,

THE GOOD: It’s clean & it doesn’t smell.  It’s HOT so you sweat A LOT (great for detox). Nice staff (for the most part). A big selection of classes to choose from and a lot of scheduled classes throughout the day. Valet parking available (across the street). Showers. Good for a quickie yoga sesh (if you live a busy, scheduled life, this is useful).

THE BAD: Not hugely spiritual, they focus more on the poses and that’s that. Low level of difficulty. Feels like you are in a truncated yoga class (if you are used to 90 minute practices). You have to sign up online beforehand for a lot of the classes otherwise you won’t get a spot. $20 no show fee (#annoying). They release all reserved spots 10 minutes before class. Late comers are not permitted.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s a convenient, clean place to practice Westernized yoga. You won’t get an enlightened experience, but you’ll get a good, sweaty workout. And you’ll be in and out in an hour.


Overall Experience: Unknown Unknown Unknown

Level of Difficulty: Unknown Unknown

Likeliness to return: Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown (Mostly because it’s convenient, clean & quick)

Checkout Modo Yoga yourself:

Modo Yoga: 340 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036. P: 323-938-5000

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